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Campground Members
Members DO have rights.
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Are you being lied to, coerced, or cheated
by your camping club, condominium,
or timeshare operator.

California Attorney General
Stands Against
Abusive Campground Scheme


California AG Weighs in on
Timber Lodge

[Extract of the letter] - [PDF] -


Livetime Dues
= a "Reload Scheme"
Don't let them steal your money!

What is a 'Lifetime Membership'


TEXAS AG and Others
Weigh In Against
'Lifetime Memberships'

is watching the campground schemers...

Can You Cancel Your Campground Membership ?
( TimberLodge Update !


Timeshare Resales
No Fee Up Front


About Timeshare Schemes

We can tell you what others have done, successfully,

— "Fight Back" —

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Lifetime Dues - NOT!

How to fight back against this scheme
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Report Campground Extortion Schemes
to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

These schemes are abusive and most likely illegal. They operate across state lines and should be a concern of FEDERAL law enforcement agencies such as the FBI. Report their efforts to extort money from you to the FBI office in your state

They can't take action if they don't know how wide spread the problem is!


Should you File a Complaint with the Federal Trade Comission (FTC)?



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